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About Me

Innovation and business development – platform strategy advisor
Decrypt main trends versus fad and engage on breakthrough initiatives and transformations line of business managers and IT experts.
5 key words: platform, ecosystem, commerce, marketing, architecture

Jean-François Gomez is now independent after a position of Senior Innovation and Business development Manager of Microsoft
For 20 years, working for IT leaders, he evangelizes the companies about the impact of Information Technologies on their businesses.
The last months he was more focused on digital/connected commerce and marketing.
Mixing creativity, strong IT expertize, and business challenges understanding, from startups to multinational companies, he explores new spaces, new innovative opportunities, with line of business managers.
Even he’s active on social networks, in conferences as speaker or in the ecosystem leading professional association, he’s most of the time in the field involved in real breakthrough projects with leaders of manufacturing, retail and hospitality.
All companies are becoming ‘Software Company’ in an environment shifting from a push to a pull organization. His goal and his passion are to introduce new paradigm and technologies to drive innovation, strategic projects and partnerships.

Prior this current role, he was Information System architect notably in charge of evangelization about SOA and .NET platform.
He joined Microsoft in 2001.
-Software evangelist – SunMicrosystems – Solaris, Java, StarOffice, J2EE, the dot of .com 😉
-Product Manager – @Nextenso(RIP) Alcatel spinoff – enterprise communication software
-CMO – @opencare (RIP) – support services for open source software users
-Alten/Renault – Information Officer ( +200 users, +20 servers, +100 workstations)

Business: My passion is to anticipate the new digital and business trends: Change management and evangelization, Digital Marketing & Commerce, Connected Commerce, PLM, Extended Enterprise, Social Networks.

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