New Patterns and Practices for Commerce and Marketing

Notes, Ideas & Convictions – Every minute spent solving a problem is not to create the future, and yet there is an urgent need to deal with the long term…

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The challenge is not to digitize the point of sale or to guess the customer journey, the challenge is to redefine trade models, patterns and practices, in a digital society

This post is an adaptation and translation in English from a previous papier. This work has been done by Romain Hermelin, as part of the project  « The retail environment in
 the TIR economy « . Thanks Romain!



When someone shows you an object, some of us will look at the hand and some others at the direction it points at. My feeling is that marketers invest lots of time and money to try to use technology in order to extend current models of distribution while they should reinvent them via the software. The digital society that is developing will be built on the software rather than on existing 20th century patterns, text and physic size/distance oriented.

We are shifting from an industrial society to a digital society. It is not just an evolution, it is a revolution Lire la suite