New Patterns and Practices for Commerce and Marketing

Notes, Ideas & Convictions – Every minute spent solving a problem is not to create the future, and yet there is an urgent need to deal with the long term…

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Aujourd’hui le Cross Canal doit trouver sa base dans l’ERP

Résumé: Aujourd’hui le cross canal doit trouver sa base dans l’ERP, et il ne suffit plus d’être présent sur tous les écrans.

Prix, stock, remise, points fidélité, … que l’on soit à la caisse ou sur son smartphone dans ce même magasin, le client exige une synchronisation parfaite et ce surtout si pendant 30 minutes il y a une remise de 15% supplémentaire aux porteurs de la carte. Le commerce Lire la suite

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Should we not rethink the role of the Department Supervisor? Why the MS platform is ready for the “New Retail”?

Summary: when I rebuilt my bathroom, the bathroom department supervisor is for me the most important person in the store… Fan of comics, the comics department supervisor is for me the most important person in my relationship with the cultural goods store. Is the industrial hierarchical organization of the store ready to follow me? To get a better engagement from customers and employees we have to change the deal! The Microsoft platform is the first ready for this revolution. And you, are you ready? If not the giants of internet will continue to bump you. We’re switching from push to pull, welcome in the mesh economy

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