New Patterns and Practices for Commerce and Marketing

Notes, Ideas & Convictions – Every minute spent solving a problem is not to create the future, and yet there is an urgent need to deal with the long term…

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The challenge is not to digitize the point of sale or to guess the customer journey, the challenge is to redefine trade models, patterns and practices, in a digital society

This post is an adaptation and translation in English from a previous papier. This work has been done by Romain Hermelin, as part of the project  « The retail environment in
 the TIR economy « . Thanks Romain!



When someone shows you an object, some of us will look at the hand and some others at the direction it points at. My feeling is that marketers invest lots of time and money to try to use technology in order to extend current models of distribution while they should reinvent them via the software. The digital society that is developing will be built on the software rather than on existing 20th century patterns, text and physic size/distance oriented.

We are shifting from an industrial society to a digital society. It is not just an evolution, it is a revolution Lire la suite

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Why we need to imagine new patterns and practices for commerce and marketing

The presence of the software in our society goes on accelerating. Impacts on society are major, for brands and consumers. The consumer is better informed, it has more power, it is connected and wants to be recognized and is ready to engage in topics, brands, or themes, that interest him. In addition, if the world today is flat because potentially everyone join everyone, it becomes more and more fragmented. It’s fragmented by technologies, but especially by the uses and expectations of consumers. Today, we are all different and want to be recognized as such.
The brands are facing organizations and a culture of the industrial era, where we consider the consumer as an element of a segment after multiple studies to try to guess him… While gradually it wants to be perfectly identified either perfectly anonymous, result of a deliberate and reasoned in a commitment brand chosen. Marketing makes no longer the customer, but should help him personally to grow through it.
The brands must also play with abnormalities of beginning of cycle of the digital era. We do that to the beginnings of the digital society. Also, as is often the case, the boot is done thanks abnormalities that likely fade with time. It is important to identify them to not to lose and to anticipate future opportunities.

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No more need to push the Door – Windows8/RT/Phone is changing the rules for retail and Marketing. Have you explain this revolution to your CMO?

New rules for the retail?

Traditionally when you’re looking for an item in a category, you have to push the door, enter in the store and find the category shelve or run the retailer’s App on your device and find the category in the menus.

Traditionally when you’ve got a question, you enter in the store, find a salesman and ask, or in the digital side, you launch the retailer’s App, find the search button and enter your question.

Same approach for physical or for digital (iPhone, Android, Win7, ….)

It’s very strange that the digital before Win8/RT/Phone has not to taken his emancipation from the « physical » patterns Lire la suite